We broadly split our teams into Design, Engineering and Business. Reach out to us at to check for openings.
Reimaging communication is an audacious task. There are few inspirations to draw from, and your challenge – if you choose to accept it – is one that stands to impact billions around the world.
Design content that excites us :
Engineering QTalk requires ground-up thinking. We’re engineering for scale, but also building 0 to 1 capability in the world of communication. We emphasize a first principles approach to all problems and look for people who are always upskilling their tech skills.
Blogs that inspire our engineering team :
We’re the misfits in a Design and Engineering focused company. We place the highest emphasis on organic marketing and strive to execute nimbly and tirelessly as we communicate our complex innovation in the simplest, most engaging narrative that might strike a chord with our users
Content that has shaped our thoughts :