Top Features

What QTalk is all about

Privacy First

Your conversations are private. We understand that and we intend to keep it that way. No Ads, Ever.

In-Call Games

Play a Game of Tic-Tac-Toe in a live call or just exchange Voice Emojis in the middle of a call. QTalk has you covered.

Universal Data Calling

Now you never have to think twice before making a call - is this person using QTalk? Make data calls to anyone for free.

Beautiful Design

Your friends still using the boring old Dialer? Download QTalk and show off your brand new calling app with pride.

Super Caller Tunes

Why simply use songs for Caller Tunes when you can have funny, witty audio clips and even your own custom text.

Call Notes

Add notes to any of your calls and make them instantly searchable. Never miss that important detail.

How it Works

Universal Data Calling

QTalk allows you to make calls to anyone in the world using your phone's internet or WiFi connection.



Sign up in seconds using your phone number. This is the number that recipients will see when getting a Data Call from you.


Call and Forget

QTalk automatically figures out the best method to place the call based on a number of factors including your network strength.


Talk Freely

Enjoy the superior call quality of Data Calls, always for free.



Invite your friends and family to QTalk to enjoy additional features like Super Caller Tunes and In-Call Games!